Audio Analysis, Game, Art • 12th Apr, 15

BEAT was a side project i worked on to research combining static and dynamic audio analysis to create an interactive application. The software initially analyses the entire sound file, building a gradient map that is then used to adjust play speed throughout, speeding up at intense moments and slowing for more relaxing stretches. Collectable Beats are created dynamically by analysing a preceding window, and checking for any deviations from the average volume in the form of loud peaks or repeating patterns.

I also wrote a simple particle engine for this game, which was used throughout to generate effects when interacting with the music by hitting powerups, collecting beats, or hitting obstacles. I was heavily inspired by the game Audiosurf to experiment with audio in games, and although it didn't turn into a commercial product, it was one of the most rewarding projects i worked on in terms of what i learned.